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When someone "pretends" to reach for the check at a meal with friends but always get to it a little to late.

Or when the bill sits in the middle of the table and nobody reaches for it.

"I'll get it, all of you guys have alligator arms"
by Spinny April 04, 2008

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Any person or group of people that can not and/or should not be trusted with even the simnplest tasks. Could also be anyone that will constatnly amaze you with their hyjinx and chicanery.
That circus animal just sold his car for gas money!!
by Spinny July 14, 2009

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The check the food server brings you at the end of a meal
"Are you guys finished"?

"Yes bring us The William".
by Spinny April 04, 2008

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You basic act of flatulence, or farting to the layperson.
While in a formal meeting, David lift his leg, leans to one side, and farts.
"trouser cough" he says.
by Spinny November 29, 2009

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