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Twatching — the act of experiencing an ongoing television show or event via live twitter monitoring, while avoiding the actual show or event.

People often engage in twatching when viewing a televised event — an award show, a debate, a congressional hearing, a sporting event or breaking news, for example — is too boring, irritating, upsetting or excruciating to watch live, so they choose, instead, to experience it in real time by following the hashtags and live tweeting of others.

Some people swear that twatching is often a better experience than watching.
“No, I’m not going to watch the Academy Awards, because when they’re not boring me with their cheesy numbers, they’re pissing me off with their criminally idiotic Oscar choices. But I’ll be twatching every minute, from the red carpet on.”
by jacandy December 19, 2019

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Word meant to encompass the cycle of sexual activity and post-coital snuggling.
I spent the night and we fuckuddled; could this be love?
by jacandy December 04, 2010

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Penstruation: menstruation that is brought on by penile penetration, despite the subject being pre or post menstruation. Penstruation is often discovered, post-coitus, due to bloody sheets (or other stained lovemaking surfaces). Anecdotally: women who have experienced penstruation report that it is associated with passionate, vigorous (condomless) sex, a fairly well endowed partner, and voluminous deposits of sperm, which may be why neither party usually minds the bloody after-effects too much.
"So, in a case of penstruation, who is responsible for washing the sheets, the girl or the guy?"

"Oh, the guy, of course."
by jacandy December 28, 2011

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An act or attribute that signals to others that someone is a douchebag; mark of a douchebag.

The first known use of this phrase was by Taran G, Atlanta, GA, March, 2010
Liking your own Facebook status is a douchebag tell.
by jacandy July 21, 2010

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(Suh-FOOTHED), from SUpposedly FUn THing (verb):

Convinced or persuaded to do something that seems like it ought to be, or is described by others as awesome, but turns out in reality to be lame or awful.

Also, yielding to internal or external pressures to enjoy an experience that rarely lives up to the exalted expectations of its entertainment.
“I can’t believe I sufuthed myself into going on this fabulous Caribbean cruise, which, it turns out, has filled me with despair.”

“I got sufuthed into having butt sex. What was all the buzz about? You know when anal intercourse will actually be fun? When my butt grows a clitoris.”
by jacandy December 28, 2011

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