The most amazing, sweetest, sexy and caring person you will ever meet. He's a good friend and loves to help his friends out. Once you look into his big blue eyes you will know you should and will be friends with him. All the girls want to fuck him.
"Oh Andrew, you make it feel so good!"
"Andrew, I just want to fuck you."
"Oh you make me so wet, Andrew."
by mlaksdfheorwst21 October 02, 2011
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The. BEST. Person. You will ever. Meet. I luffles him. So very much. >//> He's sweet, kind, funneh, understanding, GYAH THE LIST GOES ON. Aka, perfect/mine. <3
If you ever read this I'll be so very embarrassed, you'll probably know who it is. x3; But, I love you Andrew. .//.
by Jackielufflesyou>//> April 30, 2009
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A tall, handsome guy. Good with parents and dresses well. Has a tendancy to act like a dick, can't resist flirting with girls and complimenting them. Usually likes to get between best friends. However once you've got him don't let go, you've managed to catch a big fish. He will be caring and kind and spoil you occasionally. He's the guy every girl wants. He's the best thing that coukd ever happen to you and you want to spend every moment for the rest of your life with him. Lucky girl!
Andrew makes everyday for me
by floweranimal October 14, 2010
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Girl 1 is that andrew
Girl 2 omfg he is so hot

Girl 1 I just want to make out with him
Girl 2 has has the best body
by Steph189732 March 21, 2013
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A man who relishes performing orgasmic oral sex for hours.
Hey what's your new boyfriend like?
Great! He's a total Andrew.
by beelzebub97 March 30, 2011
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Andrew is the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, kind, caring, hot, awesome person i have ever met in my whole entire life.

"Amor vincit omnia" - Love Conquers All.
...i dont need an example, trust me, if you met Andrew you would think the same thing! :)
by lil_lowa September 14, 2008
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