It can be a hit or miss. Anna is to put it bluntly an angel. She is reserved but very outgoing in her own way. She can fight you hard and love you harder.
Then there’s the other side. Once in a while, there will be an Anna that is a complete and utter B****. She will stab you in the back. Hate everyone that disagrees with her and try to destroy them as much as possible.

You will know the type when you meet and talk with her. If you find the real one, keep her if you can, if you win her heart, never let her go. She is gold.
Anna is an angel.
by GrimHero180 November 21, 2018
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Is a dumb girl whom is a horse and is black and favorite emoji is 🎅🏿
What a stupid person she must be an anna
by BigIanDries June 01, 2018
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If her friends are not being good she may yeet them off the earth.
Hey stop! Anna said don’t do that or she’ll yeet you!
by *+•._snekBOI_.•+* October 18, 2019
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Anna is the most beautiful person on the planet earth, she’s very cute very kind hearted and a little psycho and just a little crazy. Anna can tend to be outgoing and can be very silly but then there is Anna’s bad side!!! You don’t want to mess with her because she will mess you up Also don’t mess with her man don’t even look at him because she will well actually you don’t wanna know. Her man is her man and only her man nobody messes with him. Everybody wants to be with a Anna she is sexy and has amazing curves. People like to compete with Anna but nobody can compare because in the end Anna is a winner. Everyone wants to be in a relationship with her she will brighten your day she will change your life if you ever get an Anna don’t ever loose her because you will regret it I promise there’s just something great about Anna’s. There eyes there body there smile there personality. You won’t find anything better

I dated an Anna before and she was the best thing that’s ever happened to me
Anna is soo bomb
by Rickbricklol October 26, 2019
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Usually brave,beautiful, kind, outgoing, and ambitious Anna’s are amazing freinds and insane leaders with their feisty attitude and psychotic demeanor will make you laugh!!
Anna: shut up and listen to me!!!
Other person: ok just don’t hurt me
by AlphaOfThisPack March 16, 2019
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Anna is a females given name. The name "Anna" is very popular in Nordic countries, Slavic countries. In Russia "Anna" can also be pronounced as "Anya" or "Aня". If you have an "Anna" in your life be very grateful because there are very few people named "Anna" in the universe. Anna is a very beautiful and kind human being. Remember respect Anna 100%.
Guy #1 : Salutations my child, may I acquire your given name at birth?
Anna: XDDD

Guy #1: Sorry, I didn't quite catch that with my hearing sences that operate from my ear that is connected to my head. Do you mind speaking it one time reacuringly.
Anna: Oh sorry, my name is Anna.
Guy #1: Oh my child very nice name I must say :D
Anna: Fanks it was my given birf name :3
Guy #2: Yo Mamma XD
Anna: :-(
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by amiNO-acid :D June 03, 2018
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