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Dallin is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. Don’t ever let him go!!! I made that mistake once and it will haunt me forever. He is the most talented person I know... athletic... a voice of an angel... intelligent... incredible humor... the list goes on! Don’t be stupid like me. Put down your pride and insecurities and just say hello!

If you should learn anything from this definition, remember to not take for granted the greatest gifts in your life, for when you really need him... he won’t be there and you can only blame yourself. Then you’ll be posting random things on Urban Dictionary and Reddit and wallowing in your self pity, regret, and sorrow.
“Dallin, I’m an idiot for letting you go.”
“I hope in the future I can fix my relationship with Dallin.”
“I hope this isn’t obvious. I will regret my decision of posting this too...”
by Regretticorn December 14, 2019
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Dallin is one of the most caring sweetest guys you will ever meet. He isn't afraid to be embarassed and doesn't care what others think. He just goes out there and is himself. If you meet a Dallin never let him go he is always there to talk to and is a great friend. He will have the voice of an angel too. not to mention he smells good and uses chapstick:) If you meet this Dallin he will be part Asian and beautiful! He is so adorable and his laugh is amazing! He will be the best guy you will ever meet so don't ever think about letting him slip through your fingers!
That guy is so sweet he MUST be a Dallin!

C)Damn look at that fine Asian he!

P) Oh ya thats Dallin:)
by EllaMay February 10, 2011
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A first name of Old English origin meaning "of the valley." Generally uncommon except in Mormon Utah, where some are named after LDS Apostle and former Supreme Court Justice Dallin H. Oaks.
Friend: Dude, Dallin H. Oaks just said gay marriage threatens religious liberty.

Dallin: Fuck my namesake.
by thehydracocacola November 06, 2011
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Really hot guy from deer park that Ashley gertsch likes and he likes back
by aSHLEY April 19, 2005
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Dallin is a good friwnd.You will never want to let him slip through your hands,like what i did 😭.I hope me and him will be friends agian.
Dallin is a good friend
by kowmoooo June 15, 2018
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1. An ungodly amount of alcohol. Somewhere in the ballpark of 30 shots and a 30 pack, consumed by one person.

2. Pale ass bitch. Also referred to as casper, pastey,ghost,etc.
1. I was so DESTROYED last night. I ended up drinking a Dallin and getting a dirty gas pump from Ryan. After that i was porky pigging it for the rest of the night.

2. Dude that kid is so pale, He's so fuckin Dallin
by gnarkill666 April 17, 2008
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