1. FICTIONAL character that ever girl just reaching the age of puberty fantasizes about.

2. often claimed to be the "perfect man" but let's face it, in real like he would be GAY! guys aren't that sensitive... seriously girls.
Edward Cullen.
by alto2srock April 14, 2009
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1. A shiny, pedophile version of a vampire who neither sleeps in coffins OR turn into a bat or bat-like liquid.

2. A female version of hentai, except without the pictures.
Rick: "That Edward Cullen, man..."

Roll: "I know! He could get beat by Herman Munster!"
by TheBatFunk June 27, 2010
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n. person, Ed-ward Cull-en : A fictional character/ monster made up in the diseased imagination of an old, horny woman. He is said to sparkle when in the sun, for some odd, non- understandable reason. He is in the dreams of millions of teenage girls and their mothers. His followers are called Twi-hards, and are attracted to him by some telepathic connection, which makes them want a vampire, who writes bad poetry, as a husband. His fictional, worst enemy, is a werewolf, named Jacob, who has nice teeth (Many suspect them to be gay lovers). The fact or impression they are gay lovers is dashed by his love of 14-year old girls. Whom, he stares at while they sleep, with what many call in rapey fashion.
Twi-hard - "I got a message from "Edward Cullen" last night

Twi-hard 2 - " Really, what was it?"
Twi-hard - " He wants me to meet or turn me, I hope!"

Twi-hard 2 - "You are soooo lucky!"
Twi-hard - "I know!!!!!"
by Mr. Spam June 27, 2011
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A FICTIONAL character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. He is a vampire who does not feed off human blood and sparkles like a diamond in the sun.

His hobbies include watching his 100 year younger girlfriend sleep, watching said girl through others' minds, keeping his virginity, being over-protective, committing suicide and fighting with werewolves.

Many girls have fallen in love with Edward, for he seems to possess some of the best qualities in a man. Countless teenagers have broken up with their boyfriends for not "being more like Edward".

Edward is: a stalker, pedophile, abusive, creepy and really sketchy. But he's sexy, compassionate, intense, stubborn, gorgeous, intelligent, mature and undead.
Edward Cullen is in love with Bella Swan. Good luck, cause she is one whiny chick.
by QuoteGirl December 28, 2009
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The seemingly perfect boyfriend that has carefully thought about killing you

numerous times and skillfully emotionally abuses you, lowering your already low

self-esteem to the point where you no longer put value on your own life if it

doesn’t involve him.
When dating an Edward Cullen you won’t be able to

1. go anywhere without him
2. do anything for yourself because to him you are just a helpless little girl

who was just lucky to live for seventeen years without him
3. go see your best friend
4. live a normal life without him

After dating an Edward Cullen you will

1. try to kill yourself
2. have a boy who really cares about you pick up the pieces
by twilightiscrap123 May 13, 2009
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