People who are normal human beings who are treated poorly because of their sexual preference.
And no, I am not some pussy ass liberal.
by rapsux February 22, 2005
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When a man is attracted sexually and mentally to other men. It has nothing to do with personality or looks, so dumb homophobic teenagers: F*ck off (:
'You're gay because you are a man that has just kissed another man.'
by Alex_Winter March 29, 2017
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A word that used to simply mean happy. This word was stolen by homosexuals to define their sexual orientation, and is now being stolen from the gays by a generation of youths to describe something that is stupid.
Gays are not happy that the word they stole is being stolen from them.
by RobsanX May 23, 2007
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1)To have sexual feelings towards the same sex, and only the same sex
2)To be cheerful, something good happens, colourful
3)Used by hetreosexuals towards one another as an insult
1) Suzy was in love with Sarah
2) We had a gay old time at that party.
3) Dude, that was, like, so, like, totally, like, gay!
by anime_kisekae June 28, 2004
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A homosexual man. A man who is attracted to other men. A man who has sex with other men.
I am proud to be gay.
We were in the gay parade.
by sonny vitale September 10, 2007
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