George is a very hot guy. He is the sweetest person you can meet. He is also very cute. If you become his girl wrap him around your finger because girls will be after him in the blink of an eye. He can be very cocky sometimes but everyone has flaws. No matter how annoying he can be get to know the real person on the inside. You would be very lucky to have George in your life and don't take advantage of that.
"Oh my gosh look over there! George is walking down the hallway"
by ishouldbedoingmyhomework21 November 26, 2018
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the only one that can match my game, the only one that can proudly anounce that he is a sex machine and mean it. He will come to your town, stay for a while, and when he leaves there will be no virgins left. amazing person george is...
"Omg, you slept with george too?!"
by Kalygrace February 02, 2010
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where there isnt a way George will find one, even of it means cucking his own friends or family members. while he is capable of theses things George is still a homie and knows whats up. george is generally immune to suffering, he is capable of living in almost any environment and adapting to his surroundings.some may relate george to an absolute clout smothered rat. George may come across as flighty or unreliable but only because it is clear to him where his loyalty belongs and where it doesn't
by imissyoucliff September 15, 2018
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The most amazing guy in the world. He cares about everyone (almost) and is the nicest person you'll ever meet. He loves with his heart and isn't afraid to admit it. He is supportive and a great best friend and boyfriend.

His smile can make your knees weak and his touch gives you butterflies. His hair--amazing, covering his brown eyes, that you can look into forever. Don't get me started on his kisses. He is gorgeous.

George is commonly referred to as "Georgey". He loves to cook, but doesn't do it often. He also wants to learn how to sing.

George is very lovable and cuddly too.
by DDandGeorgey December 02, 2012
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George is a person who will be born with a 7inch dick
Here’s your baby!
Wow he has a george!
by Georgieboy14 December 19, 2017
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