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The most supportive and loving girl that walks this earth. She has beautiful eyes that sparkle even at night. Her smile can light up a whole room filled with darkness. And her laugh is contagious and cute. Boys can't help but to stare. If she falls in love, she won't stop thinking about you. She is intelligent, athletic, into art, and great at listening. If you ever find yourself a Jessica, don't let go.
"Hey, who is the hottie with the cute smile?"
"Her name is Jessica. She is total wifey material."
by TeamShifty August 02, 2017
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Jessica is not a girly-girl but when she is young she is like any other girl, she likes pink and plays with barbies. But when they are about 8 they dislike the color pink and like blue or green. She is shy in public, but when she's with family or friends she won't shut up. She is kind and soft but gets hurt easily. She can fight back and be a bit of a bitch but only if someone is a bitch to her. She is beautiful and falls in love easily but her heart can also be broken easily. She is not much of a daredevil but loves to have fun.
Guy 1: Hey Jessica hows it going.
Guy 2: Dude, you have to say much cooler things to impress a Jessica.
Jessica: Hey guys how are you.
Guy 1 gets tongue tied and Jessica walks away.
Guy 2: Dude, you lost her.
by Jessica Unknown :D June 29, 2015
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Jessica is the most amazing girl you will ever meet basically. She is known to be the sexiest person who walked the planet. Boys get nervous when around her and a lot of boys have a crush on her. Jessica is aspired to by others. She will show you a good time and also has a crazy/wild side to her. When you meet a Jessica, you will have a hard time forgetting her! She falls in love easily and loves to laugh. But she has a down side to her, she can take control sometimes. She likes to be the leader in every situation and is not afraid to voice her opinion. When she falls in love, she falls deep. Boys love her! Jessica in a term means goddess. She has incredible looks. When you find a Jessica, don't let her go! Shes beautiful, talented and has an amazing body. Guys like to often flirt with her but she doesn't take that to heart. She isn't perfect, but then again, who is? Shes very active and likes to do very crazy and scary things. Jessica likes to dress kinda nice and when gets complimented, denies all of it. Shes very artistic and is a great dancer. Boys are lucky to have her! Shes also very supportive and a great friend! She speaks her mind and doesn't care what people think! She has great eyes and hair. Jessica is very loyal and open, her family value her a lot. She is loved by lots of people and even people whom she might not know about! She is an all round amazing person who everyone is grateful to have in their lives.
Damn! That Jessica chick is fucking hot.
by fuckyourbitch69 February 05, 2015
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Jessica might seem a little weird to her friends, and they might make fun of her. But, little do they know, she will blossom into a beautiful person. Boys will fall head over heels for her when she's in her early adulthood, but when she was a kid she fit in with everyone else. So, sorry you fucking haters.
Friend #1: Eww, Jessica, don't do that. You look gross.
Jessica(thinking) : Well, I don't really give a fuck, you asshole.
Jessica: Okay.
Friend #1: When do you want those papers, boss?
Jessica: Tomorrow.
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by TruthTeller567 August 31, 2016
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A word originating from the old Hebrew term meaning "hairy backside", which was often used in commerce and in trading of mules, camels, and other livestock. There are numerous examples in the Old Testament and also in more contemporary Yiddish literature and documents.
I have this healthy mule for sale. It is strong and robust, do not judge because the jessica is unclean - it has been working manure in the pasture today. It will give you many years of good work on the farm.
by Avraham v'Sarah December 20, 2018
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A girl who makes the world keep spinning, she makes time move slower, she makes the clear skies at night that much better. She makes the sun that much warmer. She makes the birds sing louder. She makes your face smile. She's the moon of your life, the highlight of the skies at night. She shines when the stars do not. She's the love of your life.
"Jessica's Strange man." "Naw she's just interesting."
by Jesustakethewheelplease January 29, 2015
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A friendly, funny, kind person who likes to joke around. Everybody likes her and wants to be around her. She's the weirdest person you will ever meet but that makes her herself. She's really easy to talk to. She's the bestest friend you will find
Hey do you know that Jessica girl?
Ya she's really nice and super weird.
Yeah I really want to be her friend.
by Tapatony May 16, 2017
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