Katherine is basically a goddess. Her nickname most of tbe time is Kat or Kath or even Kitty. She is a beautiful, smart elegant woman. She is very talented at singing, art and acting. A Katherine's eyes are normally dark brown, blue or dark blue. Usually Katherines have freckles and thats what makes them adorable. She has the most beautiful smile a girl could have. She has curves and she has a wonderful sense of style. If you have a Katherine in your life you'll never find another girl like her.
Person 1: That girl is so amazing!

Person 2: Yup! That's Katherine!
by Heyyyyyitsmeeeeeedisdude December 25, 2018
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Insanely Hot! Amazing In bed! Sexy no matter what!! Badass Bitch!!
"Keep your Katherine away from the other guys!!"
"Damn Daniel your Katherine is so hot!!"
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Very Canadian. Says sorry to everything even when she didn’t do it.
Person: *bumps into Katherine*
Katherine: Sorry!
by Kyra From School May 17, 2019
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Katherine: A lovely girls name that defines someone holding the qualities of honesty and kindness. Her lack of confidence constantly shows for reasons that will forever be unknown to her friends. She believes that she is a flaw in everyone's life, despite the fact that Katherine always brings a spark of happiness to the people around her. She continuously feels the need to discuss her self-worth to the point where no one knows how to respond anymore. At least not in a way that can be cleared to Katherine and bring her peace. She always has the urge to say sorry to everyone, even if the situation is not her problem. Only, the apologies come out as forced and rarely help the issue at hand. She likes to poke fun at her close friends, but must always point out that she does not understand anything that is being discussed when dirty jokes are present. But no matter what, Katherine will always be a major support to the people she loves.

Most of her Pals must look down at her when speaking, and she feels that she was cursed to be short. Her gorgeous long black hair is well-suited against her round face and lovely eyes. But over everything else, the smile of a Katherine can be one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever seen. People should learn to love and cherish a Katherine if the meeting ever arises.
Person 1: Hey, is that Katherine?
Person 2: Yes, I've been friends with her for years now and love her to bites. I'm sure if you know her too you would totally say the same thing.
by K....A... May 17, 2019
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A girl who is obsessed with Kyle,likes to gossip,likes to say ur mom and dick jokes.
That person is such a Katherine!
by Popularlkkkmmmndbddn March 13, 2019
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