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The oldest member of a South Korean K-pop group, named Twice. Comes from the agency JYP, and trained there for 5 years before debuting. Looks like a real bunny, and has the best voice. Loves Jeongyeon, but sadly Jeongyeon doesn't love her back.
Friend: OMG did you see that girl with the bunny teeth?
Me: OMG she looks just like Nayeon!
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by Pretty Nayeon February 21, 2019
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Vocalist of JYP's TWICE. Buck teeth, is v old, protect her from savage maknae Tzuyu
"I love the Elderly!"
"Maybe that's why Nayeon is your bias!"
by it'sanofromme July 19, 2016
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Nayeon is a rude selfish person cares nothing about her friends and is often a fake at being a caring person. She usually has a girl following her around and pretends to be a likeable person to all the popular and well know people. She often says "yea" a lot and draws out her words. For example "yeaaaaa" and makes a disgusted face while saying it. Stay away from Nayeon there are plenty more fish in the sea.
Boy 1: stop looking at Nayeon like that!
Boy 2: why? What's so bad about her? She seems like a caring selfless person!
Boy 1: she wants you to think that, if u become her friend or husband she will pretend love you and treat you like a servant.
Boy 2: wow okay...
Boy 1: see look at that girl she's whispering about.
Boy 2: that's rude

Boy 1: yep, stay away from Nayeon.
by Josephine Rocks December 10, 2016
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