A whiny, incompetent, self-absorbed guy with the face of a schnauzer and the intellect of paramecium
Girl 1: Wow, my date was such a Scott. In the first 5 minutes he lost my shades when I asked him to hold them for a minute, then later he cried when the stars came out.
Girl 2: Oh no, how awful :(
by Naida March 25, 2007
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Generally someone who is too intelegent for their own good, likes sugary candies, and is flaily. Also describes somene who is anti-social, and would rather play video games than go to the movies.
"Why the hell wont that scott go to the movies?!"
by Chaaster999 February 03, 2008
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By the sounds of it I met the wrong Scott, he is arrogent, selfish, self absorbed and a cheater. Though very charming at first, don't be fooled by this Scott.
by Lady13 February 17, 2013
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The sibling that everyone has who can screw up miserably and still everything turns out okay.
A. My brother got kiched out of school, but he got a job making $11 an hour.
B. Seriously? Your brother is such a Scott.
by K1L1H March 13, 2010
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To rape, pillage and desecrate a woman's vagina or anus with your penis in the doggy position, all the while punching her in the kidneys. Then when she wakes up, you hug her goodbye and wish her well.
1)In 2007 Penn State Football player, Austin Scott, prowled the bars of State College, spotted a very drunk and disorderly coed and dragged her back to his apartment. Once they arrived he waited til she fell asleep then lasched out, scotting her virgin pussy in a rage caused by lack of reparations. After she awoke from her pleasant slumber, Austin gave her a hug and wished her well in repairing her Rectal Prolapse.

2) Last night I totally made that bitch cry when I scotted her.
by JoeHomesy1 September 08, 2008
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