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An individual who proposes the earth is a flat plane surrounded by an icy pizza crust and makes wild claims that objects fall or float due to their density only.

A gravity denier who beats off into a Henry vacuum cleaner and considers that scientific method.

A flat earther who cannot research and / or doesn't wash. A keyboard warrior for those who are still asleep.

An unscientific and unimaginative attention seeker who proves the earth is a globe yet denies the evidence in order to make money off other people's good nature.

A predator and a charlatan. An unremarkable Level 1 Pandarian Monk from Azeroth.
Person A: "Got a vacuum cleaner handy?"
Person B: "Don't be a sleeping warrior."

Person A: "So i told the idiot Mt Rainer should tower over Mt St Helen at the height illustrated in that photograph, but he got the height wrong"
Person B: "The height was referring to the side peak of Mt St Helens, not the summit"
Person A: "The photograph is fake then"
by theboobox October 21, 2019
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