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A sexual position involving the rigging of a clipper ship and a stiff breeze. One partner, either male of female, suspends themselves in the rigging stationary. The other partner aligns themselves properly with their partners sexual organs, only several feet away from a rig that can swing with the motion of the ship. The swaying motion of the ship will provide all the necessary force, and if the boat is swinging enough the partners can be brought together quite sharply. This formerly popular position had a status equivalent to that of the mile high club today, but with the fall of ocean travel it has become a rare occurrence.
The couple performed the flying Dutchmen high above the crowd of rowdy sailors.
by The Addict January 30, 2007
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The act of pooping while not touching the toilet sit. Normally in a sited position yet hovering over the toilet bowl with your arms extended forward for balance so your butt checks do not make contact with the toilet sit.
Pearson had to blast a duke at Taco Bell, once inside the bathroom stall he realized there were no ass gaskets left therefore he had to perform the flying dutchmen, now his legs are tired.

by Daedae84 October 27, 2008
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a move, best performed at wild water kingdom, when on a double tube ride through the dark tunnel, riders jump off of the tube and hang on to the back of it, thus flying, as the flying dutchmen, a.k.a the superman.

bj and jr perform this the best, while "the natural" prefers to sit in his own feces, and then walk around the park

"the natural" also performs "the bridge" the best...
(boy) "mommy, i hurt my elbow"

(mom) "oh really, what did you do"

by B to the G July 09, 2006
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A group of people on a PIRATE ship, who clean up after the pirates after shitting and having sex with countless better looking PIRATE females!
"Hey can u lick the rest of the shit off my asshole, i must have missed it wiping?" NO!!.. what do I look like a flying dutchmen to you?
by charles [email protected] February 10, 2010
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