N: A Ferris State University student that closely resembles the predator, With Dreadlocks’ and large Biceps and been known to be killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Danny Glover. Also is afraid of an alien invasion .
Guy 1: Man that guy looks like Predator

Arnold: Get Down Get to the chopped

Guy1: That was amazing.
by Chris Drew Dejong January 14, 2009
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a term used most commonly for a male usually , of muscular build and or foreign decent who preys on unsuspecting females , Most commonly found in drinking establishments or Fast food restaurants. Predator is known for his deathly stare which resembles some sort of threatening animal most likely suffering from rabies.
Man , look at predator he putting his moves on those hags !!

Don't look in to predators eyes man , if you do your fucked !

Yooooooooo Predator !
by Dr Hag February 26, 2009
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A predator is a male/female that often takes sexual or intimate interest in people of a younger age (usually around 3 years younger)
Jeff is such a predator /pred
by Cirtified gyalist January 02, 2017
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One who pretends to be someone there not on an online chatroom to try to meet you in real life so they can rape or kill you.
The predator in the chatroom, who was actually a 40 year old man, pretended he was a teenage girl to try and seduce little boys in meeting him in real life.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
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Scary large black men that chase around your best friend at school and then rape her in their beat up ghetto cars, preferably at muvico parking lots. The term incognito is used to describe a person in this situation.
Kid 1: (on the phone with Kid 2) Hey, where are you?

Kid 2: Uhhh, I'm incognito.

Kid 1: Damn predators..
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