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When you're cuddling/spooning a girl and you stick your penis in between her legs so that it pokes out where it would be if she had a dick. Then she jacks it off pretending it's hers.

Handjob oldfashioned spooning chickswithdicks bigdicktricks
'Man, I was so horny last night but my chick was too tired to play with me'
'Word, so what'd you do?'
'I slipped her the sleeping tranny, and she got me off without having to flip over or even really move.'

' dang dude, that's nice'
'Yea, I felt her pussy getting wet on top of my dick. She definitely got into it though, rubbing her pussy with my dick as she jerked it. I passed out spooning her for once!'
by mr.burnside May 27, 2017
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