Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation.
Generally: a total spastic
No I don't need you to help me with my supermarket trolley, you fucking mong
by Steve October 28, 2003
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a common greeting used by British. Usually used in conjunction with the word "-mate" e.g.
by ak47 February 25, 2004
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The Beer Shit is a phenomenon that occurs the day after a particularly heavy drinking session. Students are particularly vulnerable.

The 'victim' awakens and spends the first few minutes in a daze, trying desperately to remember where they were last night, when they came back, who they came back with and how they managed to take their jeans off and climb into bed the wrong way round without taking their shoes off. The 'victim' then becomes aware of the irresistable urge to empty their bowels. This process is known as the 'Beer Shit'.

It is not unusual for the Beer Shit to be stubborn and to insist that the 'victim' empties their bowels at least three times during that day in order to complete the job. The amount of toilet paper required to clean up after each 'mini-Beer Shit' is substantial, as is the stench that fills the house afterwards.

However, once a particularly nasty Beer Shit has been despensed with, the 'victim' feels infinitely better immediately and is ready to commence alcoholic consumption straight away to start the process again.
Derek's drinking exploits last night lead to a particularly nasty Beer Shit emerging from his rectal passage this morning.
by Jon Fox January 15, 2005
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Jude is overall an amazing person, he can make you happy when you’re feeling low, and will always find a way to make you laugh. If you ever find yourself a Jude consider yourself the luckiest boy/girl in the world. They’ll always have you’re back and will always stay loyal to you and you only, they are extremely kind hearted and have an amazing personality. A Jude’s complexion is utterly gifted from gods, a defined jawline, amazing soft hair you just want to run your hands through all day, he will utterly kill you with his looks, and at some point probably turn you on. Jude’s are very calm and collective but can be serious at times when needed to be but he will always be by your side whether your friend or foe. Jude’s always catch the eyes of men/women they all drool at his feet and beg to be his but if he does have a boy/girlfriend he’ll pay no attention to the people drooling at his feet he’ll only pay attention to his loved one. They always try to see the good in people never the bad, no matter what anyone has done Jude will always see the good in anyone when necessary. Jude’s are amazing huggers and kissers and will make a firework display set off in your stomach when you see them or if they touch you. Their hugs are always relaxing, their kisses are so romantic and make you never want to leave them.

If you ever meet a Jude consider yourself the luckiest person alive to meet such an amazing dude.
Savannah: ‘Omg have you seen that new kid Jude’
Polly: ‘No I haven’t why’
Savannah: ‘He’s so attratctive and looks amazing’
by Someone xx October 22, 2018
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😳: the emoji you send or get sent when you flirt with someone aka blushing emoji. When someone sends you something cute or sweet, or tells you something about yourself that makes you feel flattered. Also used to react to sexual messages.
Him: I've been thinking about you a lot lately...
Her: oh really? What about me? 😳
by Nikp77 June 02, 2016
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Knowing everything is an illusion of the mind. Mainly the more extreme version of "Woke" encapsulating higher dimensional and abstract thought. One achieves this "Woke af" philosophy after ingesting a very high dosage of DMT, Mushrooms, or any other hallucinogenic substance.
Sam: Have you seen the recent interviews of Jim Carrey, he's out of his f***ing mind!

Josh: Na, Jim Carrey is Woke af!
by LifeIsAnIllusion September 27, 2017
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Is a girl who is always there for you she will do anything to cheer you up even tho she is sad... she always says she is "ugly" and "fat" but in realite she is a skinny and cute young girl that has a really good taste in guys and has had inly a few boyfriends in her life bc she hates being hurt... but at times she can get upset at you and gets over it soon she hates fake people and you dont wanna be on her bad side
Girl1- hey she is pretty cool
Girl2- that must be malia
by Lizzy elmorel September 12, 2017
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