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When someone who isn't broke but is cheap. They must have a locked wallet.
Went to dinner with my cousins. I picked up the check and asked them to leave the tip. One pulled out money, the other sipped his $7 drink. The tip total was about $18. I joked later with the cousin who paid that he must have had a locked wallet.
by Aston_D June 18, 2016

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Something that is excessively cheap, poor quality, and overall quite crap. Not limited to tangible objects, can also be an experience.
We don't have much money for holiday this year, so it looks like we are having to go bosnian boys!
by Ballbagger69 January 04, 2017

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On the cheap
I got a 72 pinto For $200 It might leak oil and it’s smashed up but I got it OTC
by Toe knee July 08, 2019

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