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A nickname for the member Park Jimin of the K-POP group "BTS." The name was given to Jimin on the show "American Hustle Life" by his title Tony.
Chimchim looked so good in the new music video!
by SONE529 July 12, 2017

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Korean Music which makes you realise you’re gay.
“I like Kpop, loona and nct are my ults.”
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by Healing Smile January 01, 2019

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A kpop youtuber who pretends to be a young girl but is actually a 80 year old grandpa. Is obsessed with cats & Hoshi
"Oh you watch Lolikitty too huh? Love that old man's videos!"
by dylanok December 25, 2016

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Everglow is a south korean girl group that consists of 6 talented girls named E:U, Mia, Yiren, Onda, Sihyeon and Aisha. They debut in April of 2019 with their song Bon Bon Chocolat and sense then has released 2 albums.
person 1-What r u listening to?
person2- EVERGLOW!!!
by Ava.j December 28, 2019

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hyeonmin is the BESTEST boy to ever exist
the 03 liner, dancer, singer, maknae of n.cus.
cu keys baby chick <3

to look after a hyeonmin you have to tuck him safely to bed every night,, make sure he is fed and watered at all times.
omg is that hyeonmin?

yes! our minnie is growing up so fast.
by Euph0riakookie February 11, 2020

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A dumbass, autisic and a jerky person
Jaebobo, more like idiot
Jaebobo is someone's oppa
by Thy Apollo June 23, 2017

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idk who she is but she hacked my Instagram go send her loona pictures now!
Sadie is mean
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by Jordynhatesyou November 30, 2019

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