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The love of my life and I will always call her mines
Maia ya that's Nate's girl
by Lil difk October 05, 2018

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"i love you"
With a girl you recently met and things are moving a bit quickly but you want to mutually take a step back and be realistic and allow things to move forward organically:

"Can you promise me we won't say the three little words too soon? I want to be sure we're both ready to say them first."
by Senor Snuffleupagus April 21, 2019

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The most beautiful girl to have graced this world. Has a shining smile, the most adorable cheeks, is so full of love and life. She is intelligent, absolutely hilarious, has an adorable voice and is bite-sized!

She is very playful and innocent but watch out because she can be a devil too.

She is the light of everyone's life and makes everyone want to be the best they can be.

The perfect girl in every sense imaginable.
'We all need a Tasnima in our lives but they're just so rare'
by rnv_97 June 01, 2019

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you are the love of my life and your amazing, there arent enough words to discribe how much i love you
kaden is a beautiful man
by i think you know me kaden September 16, 2018

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Jack didn’t need to die!! If Rose had just been a rational thinker, she would have boarded the lifeboats. Jack would then either have boarded another lifeboat or found that door or other debris to float on. After making the insufferably stupid decision of jumping off the boat. All she ever did was be a dead weight to Jack by tripping, getting lost, stalling, etc.. Also they could have just balanced on the door, but considering Rose’s mental gymnastics, she could never have gotten that in her thick skull.
Rose had been such a depressed and spoiled brat throughout the entire voyage, that it took the forced death of her boyfriend for her to realize her easy living. And even then, she’s still stuck with an IQ in the single digits. Jack made a fatal mistake by falling in love with a sociopath.
by AntiTHOT.exe June 04, 2019

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Ths most important element in the world and universe. To live without this magnificent being in our presence would not be living in general. He is male and female and even a toaster. He claimed all the planets in our solar system after fighting off the terrible lord caballo. He evaporated in the center of our universe becoming the sun.
Thats such a bicicleta thing to do man
by Theflyingamazingunicorn February 01, 2017

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Arasyi is Shuhada's lover. He is full of jealousy and over-protective. He loves Shuhada more than a world.
"I know Arasyi is Shuhada's lover."
by Arashadaaaa December 27, 2017

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