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a song that is soooo good and hitz so hard, that it is impossible to skip when it comes on.
Dang, this playlist is nothing but bangerz.
by hmmmimright August 30, 2019

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A rapper from Pittsburgh pa, name meaning Jr. For The Win.
Did you hear JrFTW’s new album?
by Jr.FTW January 23, 2020

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Funmerica is a genre of alternative rock music started in the mid to late 2010s influenced by 2000s garage rock revival as well grunge, punk rock and 1960s pyschdelica and 80s house along with 50s rock n roll . lyrically , it is generally known for emphasizing

American Patriotism and catchy and upbeat lyrics.
I fucking love funmerica
by Darby crash 88 November 30, 2018

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Funmerica is an alternative music genre that takes influence from punk rock energy, grunge 's speed and 60s pyschdelica's studio experimentation and rock n roll's riffs along with 80s house's sensibility
I fucking love funmerica
by Darby crash 88 November 30, 2018

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Tboogie gets a lot of them racks not from trapping because Tboogie is very legal and makes his money very legal.
He is also the best and anything he does E.g sex,
Rapping and more.
Tboogie is a very loyal person and has a real big wood
Have your heard TBoogies new song Rick&Morty
by Tboyyy9 October 20, 2019

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M - Mostly
U - Useless
S - Shit.

I - Isn't
C - Cool
Damn dude. That nigger over there is music.
by zoinks69 February 16, 2018

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Someone who is so unmusical that they do not hear notes correctly, some of these people might think mainstream music is unironically good.
Steven: Hey i like this song!
James: you absolute cuck, are you tonedeaf despacito is NOT good
by Serriera June 03, 2018

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