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When you need to sexualize or make something more appealing.
Ew! That pic of her is ugly, let's sex it up :)
by Getshreked420 August 10, 2016

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National fuck day is on the 2nd of August, This is celebrated by couples around the world by well having sex.. t02/08/12 8 is for the woman's breasts and the 2 is for a penis. National fuck day is celebrated by europians
It's National Fuck day today, lets fuck!
by Heavily world August 02, 2016

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When a girl wants you to fuck her and dump your load in her
“Michael you’re so hot, I want your kids in me”
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by rararamenn February 23, 2020

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A big cock that tastes horrible.
Dylan has a killer dill.
by zizzlezazzle February 05, 2020

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"Panda". When a man cum into a woman's eye and punch her in the other at the same time
Guy1: last night was lit! I made her "panda"
Guy2: shit! She must be blind and satisfied!
by The Gary May 11, 2019

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A gay as hell way to say "Cuphead" AKA:"I suck at this game", and something people say when trying to roast and throw shots at cuphead because they suck at video games.
Angry cuphead fan:"No u and your maternal figure." Probably a virgin:*ouch my will to live"
by KKK:KOOL_KIDS_KLUB May 17, 2018

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