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a phrase used on twitter, usually by itself, to indicate one is playing with their genitals and/or masturbating, with shameful connotation (note: it can be typed with only the right hand on qwerty keyboard)
Tweet: "Bubungo"
*masturbates to something gross
by pitifulpoop May 18, 2019

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twitter for "this is what I believe"
Twitter User 1: If you like Keemstar you should kill yourself. Don't @ me
Twitter User 2: tiwib
by lolboy69 March 01, 2017

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When there is a series of related tweets or other messages between a group of people, that has been discussed many many times before - and nothing new or interesting is ever said.
"oh f*ck, people debating whether everyone's a designer or not AGAIN. It's such a yawn-storm"
by Wandster June 24, 2019

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TD1SL: To Do 1 Slow Lunge
Probably the best advisors on the planet, and the most normal people ever, definitely not total crackheads. These type of people enjoy mocking Alfie Deyes about being a Tory
Person: I got advice from TD1SL

Everyone: They have amazing advice don’t they?
by TD1SL Member March 10, 2019

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literally the coolest and most supportive friend ever. they steal kneecaps for you. they like all your tweets. even if you don’t talk to them that much anymore, you will smile when you see a tweet from them come across your tl. you may call them cyg for short.
cygnis is a pretty cool person!
by emaan! January 30, 2020

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SmfhMyFatHead, better know as Blanks on Twitter dot com, is a 6"7 powerhouse with two hands made of steel, his abs are so hot and I bet he has a big dick too, not to mention his muscles are huge...
"Oh, SmfhMyFatHead? Isn't that the guy who broke the world record for the amount of times he had sex in a day? Yeah, I know him"
by BlanksFanBoy July 17, 2019

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My Twitter got suspended for some reason. Probably for making funny jokes like chill (idk if it was Elon or someone else from Twitter but still)
Fucc Twitter
by cladymore74 May 28, 2019

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