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He is ADDICTED to booty.

A dorky dumb-ass, with a smart-ass attitude.

He has dark hair, and an amazing sense of humor. He can be shy at times.
He loves the rain, and sad rap songs....There are very few people in his life (outside of his family), that he is super close with. The ones he is close with, are very grateful for him, and never wish to lose him.
No matter how long you know him, spending time with him will never become boring. He’s easy to talk to.
He comes up with the most amazing nicknames for his girl. His girl LOVESSS it when he calls her SEÑORITA, and PRINCESS!
He is capable of amazing things, and he often underestimates his abilities, capabilities and dreams!! :/
He is adorable, hilarious, shy, caring and HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE IN MANY WAYS AND HE HAS A BEAUTIFUL FACE!
Carlos Jaramillo: (mr jaramillo - an amazing teacher!)

- I’d definitelyyy let him dominate me, anywhere, any time...
- What a dumb smart-ass...he must be a Carlos.
- His parents must be proud of raising such a loyal kind hearted dummy!
by shyweirdo March 25, 2020
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