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a legend in his own right, the term "chando" refers to anyone who can out-drink anybody around them and yet still manange to pull a knife on an unsuspecting victim and demand a ride home. be careful if you come into contact with any person who goes by this pseudonymn.
Drunk ass Chando pulled a fucking knife on me and demanded a ride home, that crazy fat bastard.
by kaufman October 03, 2007
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A 'chandos' is a term used to describe someone who sees themselves as more important than other people or that their needs far outweigh the needs of others. This means that if someone acts as though they're better than you for whatever reason then they are said to be "doing a chandos" or "being such a chandos". This term is derived from the title 'The Duke of Chandos', who was said to be very cocky and generally not nice.

If one typically excludes themselves from social activities in favour of doing activities such as sitting in their room all night or walking around on their own, or if they leave the group mid-conversation without saying why (or even saying anything) then they are said to be "doing a chandos" as well, as it is a rude thing to do (which again links back to The Duke of Chandos and his attitude).
person 1: why didn't you come out last night?
person 2: didn't feel like it
person 1: dude, stop being such a chandos

bob: ...and then the train announcement said tha-
sam: *walks off without saying goodbye*
bob: wow, sam's being such a chandos today
tom: yeah he is
by whisperingwallpaper January 06, 2014
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Ah. So. It's similar to and Irish good bye bahahahaha
Someone that leaves without saying a proper goodbye.

"And on that note" he took a chando exit
by ~bunnybee~ March 25, 2020
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