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A charming and sweet asshole, has the tendencies to have a smart mouth and be extremely sarcastic, but cares for everyone. He's nice when he wants to be and can make a girl fall for him in just the snap of a finger. He loves sports and his favorite colors are usually yellow, blue, and green. He has a playful attitude and is happy most of the time.
Allie: "Drew is such an amazing guy."
Everyone else: "I know."
by fallingforyous April 04, 2013
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Usually a guys name.

He is very sweet, and loves sports.

Extremely cute.

Can be an asshole at times.

Perverted at times also.

Sarcastic alot.

Would do anything for that one girl.

He will always be their for you.

Ex: Wow Drew is amazing.
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Generally a smart, caring, intelligent, slightly sarcastic guy whose full name is usually Andrew. Also, very handsome and charming. Ass-hole tendencies are sporatic, but infrequent.
Hey, that guy's name must be Drew. That would explain why he's so hot and smart at the same time!
by booc0mtaco August 20, 2006
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He’s 3 foot 4 and black with a 12+inch peepee
Woah this guy is 3 foot 4 inches black and has a 12+inch peepee he must be drew!!!
by nigga_but_im_white February 11, 2019
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Drew is a super amazing guy who has a special charm to brighten the day. He is a gorgeous person... really really gorgeous person and the perfect lover. His stunning personality will leave you smiling. He loves to live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of the day. He's always there for his family and friends, loving them 100%. He is very smart, extremely intelligent and he fuses this with his awesome sense of humor which will creates love and laughter. His gorgeous body and handsome face makes girl weak in the heart and men envious, but envious in a good way where they aspire to be like him. A kind friend, companion and lover, he is truly inspiring. He's an adorable person with true heart of gold and everybody just loves him.
by pollypocket.111 June 10, 2010
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a name that could be used for a boy or a girl. In this case a girl :)

Drew has a great personality and is a very friendly, energetic, and outgoing person. Can be shy at times. She is very athletic. and LOVES to have a good time. She enjoys doing simple things like sitting and looking at the stars or just swinging on swings at the park. but she can also be complex at times. Drew has gorgeous hair and well... pretty much everything else too ;D if you ever meet a girl name Drew she is very rare and you should keep her in your life! shes definatley worth it. Drew is very loyal to all of her friends and family and is very trustworty!
person 1- "hey whos that girl over there? She seems like she has a great personality... which is rare now a days! :)"
person 2- "thats Drew :) shes amazing!"
person 1- "you can tell shes awesome just by the name. i should go introduce myself"
person 2- "go for it! :) you wont regret it!
by yeahyouknowwho;D August 29, 2011
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