a really nice and genuinely sweet guy.
he makes friends with as
many people as he can
everyone loves Gavin
it's very easy to fall for a Gavin
he is the most cute and perfect guy you'll ever lay eyes on
he has a great smile and amazing eyes
he also has a great sense of humor
you should really get to know a Gavin
me: I think I really like him!
friend: well yeah he's Gavin!
by iandc December 21, 2013
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Gavin is a guy who often feels apathetic. He almost always thinks about others and is more interested in the life of those around him than his own. He is attractive, and loving, even though he thinks he isn't. Gavin has brown eyes and hair, wearing a brown or blue jacket whenever he can, even though his favorite color is blue. Often sarcastic and funny, to the few friends he lets into his life. He is forgetful and tired with bags under his eyes, even with good sleep. His hobbies include listening to music and playing video games.
I feel like how Gavin feels.
You are such a Gavin!
by PoyBoy June 28, 2019
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Gavin is a name that means amazing best friend that you can great conversations to about anything. he is one of a kind and will always be by yourside. he'll never give up on you even if he gives up on himself. he is all around amazing.
Girl one: wow who was that?
Girl two: that was GAVIN hes my best friend(:
by futuristiclover March 24, 2011
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gavin is a true friend who is always there to stand up for you and protect his friends, he will go through anything to stand next to and support anyone who he deems worthy of friendship, and will go through anything to brighten your day all in all a gavin can and will always try to become your best friend and stay there through thick and thin.
can you introduce me to gavin?
by doombringer96 February 19, 2015
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