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Short for "a hot piece of ass." Literally, a hot member of the opposite sex.
"Dude, check out that hot piece waiting in line."
by Stud April 11, 2005
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An illegal gun that has most likely been used for a violent crime. Usually price drops if bought.
person #1: Aye, bro I aint trying buy that gun

person#2:Why not?
person#1: Cuz thats a hot piece
by nawfside kilo October 16, 2016
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A Hot Piece is a joint that is "hot" due to the grabba that is mixed in with the weed in the joint. This is another word for a spliff. This is a great way to save weed if you enjoy rolling up a lot.

(quick directions for how to roll the perfect spliff or "hot piece", NY style)

1.) buy yourself some fronto, cigarrette tobacco doesn't hit nearly as hard as nice dark fronto leaf. Some people like rolling spliffs with cigarrette tobacco, but i'm here to tell you. Use fronto, trust me.

2.) get yourself some joint paper, do what you normally do with joint paper. Crumple up the paper though and let it sit crumpled until you're ready to roll. Having the paper crumple up helps your hot piece burn slower

3.) Make your grabba. Rip a piece off the fronto leaf and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. After the first 15 seconds in the microwave, turn your fronto leaf over so both sides get the heat. This dries the fronto so you can make grabba. Once out of the microwave, crush your fronto leaf up and you'll have yourself your grabba.

4.) Take some of the grabba and mix it in with your ground up bud. (I recommend a 70/30 ratio weed to grabba). If you're feeling dangerous though, 60/40 ratio.

5.) Un-crumple your paper and roll up your hot piece with the bud/grabba mixture you just made.

6.) Spark up and enjoy your hot piece.
Put the fronto in the microwave for 30 seconds my guy, we rolling hot pieces.
by Big Ol'Doinks October 28, 2019
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Another word for a Spliff. Hot Pieces contain a Fronto tobacco leaf laid down in the center of the joint paper. This is perhaps the best way to smoke weed.
I just smoked a fat hot piece, i'm reeling man.
by Big Daddy Rikka April 24, 2019
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