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A name reffering to a boy with everything good in a person. Kais are huggable, sweet, romantic, talented, and smart.
They have great hair, a playful personality, and they're everything good you can think of. Being humble, usually they dont admit or see how amazing they are. Kais are guys with good senses of humor and are fun to be around. Kais the nicest people you will ever meet. They'll be your shoulder to cry on, and they never break promises. With beautiful souls, and eyes full of wisdom, you'll know right away that they know a lot. Girls, if you ever find a Kai, hold on to him tight, because you'll never find someone as amazing as him ever again. Kais only come every once in a lifetime. With a big heart in his chest, and he'll accept who you are, what you do, and support you. You'll swear that he's an angel sent from above. He's a Kai. Simple as that.
Human A "Your boyfriend is such a Kai."
Human B "I know (: I'm so glad I met him. He's everything I've ever wanted."
by Lehcar0 July 01, 2011
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A guy who is definitely a keeper. He's one of the sweetest guys you will ever know. Kais are sweet, smart, and really funny. They have a great personality and they are fun to talk to. Kais are really into music. Kais are there for you no matter what and help you through whatever. Kai will accept you for who you are. Once you have a Kai in your life, you're never going to want to let him go because he is so amazing. Did i mention he's sexy too?
Girl 1: He's such a Kai!

Girl 2: I know, I'm glad he's mine! He's so amazing.
by funah0lic May 21, 2013
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Kai's are he sweetest boys on earth, they go above and beyond to help you out. They're hilarious, smart, fun, respectful. They will also be there when you need them and are able to make you smile when you're down. Kai's are always excelled in class, they're extremely smart. Kai's also make for great boyfriends, caring for whoever they come across. Kai's know a lot of people but has a close group of friends, Kai's always have a group of friends that are so tight knit that they call eachother family. Kai's are talented people, the greatest to be around. Always make for the best friends and always give amazing advice. If you find yourself a Kai, make sure you stick by him, you'll rarely find anyone as great as a Kai. Sure gonna miss you best friend 😞:_(
Who's that guy that everyone likes to be friends with? Of course he's a Kai!

That guy sure is loving towards his friends, family, and girl, he must be a Kai!

My phsychiatrist is amazing! He's a Kai.
by Lxylxnxfxxpxx December 26, 2016
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The sexiest motha fucka ever concieved by natural conception.
if you know a kai chances are he is the coolest motha fucka you know
Girl "have you seen the new kid at school"
girl2 "yes he is such a kai!"
by Venomous mustang July 01, 2010
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A loving, considerate young man, Usually surounded by a pack of wana be Kai's....and many psycho female stalkers who continually devote every waking minute to destroy all attempts at finding a decent relationship..

If you find a Kai ladies, hold on to him and ignore all the random slurs and gossip from the ex-girlfriends...They are simply jealous.
That random hottie is such a "Kai".

Lets "Kai" him... ruin all his future girlfriends self esteem by spreading heart break rumours.
by candy, philpa, kelsey, sophie, September 26, 2010
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(Real name: Jongin) A boy from a kpop group called EXO with an extremely cute smile and the ability to dance like a god. He is as cute as a puppy and strangely has an attachment to dogs. He also looks like Taemin from SHINee (ship name: TaeKai). He is also often shipped with D.O/Kyungsoo of the same group (EXO-K - ship name: Kaisoo) He is the god of uncontrollable feels. One is not sexy, one is Kai.
"I just saw Kai dance to Growl and I can't even English right now."

"I just read 10080 and Kai omfg feels."
by WhatIsAirOmfg January 22, 2014
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A lovely boy that is just to die for! Has a great fun personality with the cutest smile. A lot of girls are after Kai because he is a popular, good looking lad, also known to normally have a sibling that is also very good looking as well.

Also quite a loud boy and normally talks to a lot of girls some people know him as a player...
kai good looking cute loud player popular
by EmmaDemend77 January 05, 2012
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