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guy with the biggest dick in the world and gets all the ladies and has a six pack

a fiend to sex
by Lidell April 01, 2009
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Guy who lives at home with his mother even though he's in his 30s.

Guy who wears thongs and underwear that are smaller than any girls panties.

Frequents The W Hotel - thinks it isn't a one night stand if he's in a nice hotel.

Tells stories about his ex-girlfriends and how much he "helped" them and how he left them, however he's the one who still drunk dials them all.

Lame, bitch-ass, mama's boy, punk
Girl 1: Did you hear that guy trying to impress me with his I'm a Vice President line?
Girl 2: yeah, he was all over those other girls saying the same thing
Girl 1: Does he really think we don't EVERY guy on Wall St is a "VP"
Girl 2: Seriously. I heard he still lives with his mom
Girl 1: What a Lydell!
by L1-L2 February 08, 2010
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A class A Simp, who doesn’t know how to put his pride to the side, and is always otg, so he can never talk to his girlfriend. Doubt he has a big dick. The bigger your pride the smaller your peepee
I’d hate to have a dick the size of Lydells
by ms.exclusive March 25, 2020
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