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1.) The word for "whore" in spanish.

2.) A girl/boy that "gets around" a lot.

3.) An awesome word used to describe skanky people.

4.) A word that is used to describe people epically fail.
1.) Boy: She has had so many boyfriends this year! What a Puta!

2.) Girl: That girl is a total puta. She slept with my girlfriend!

3.) Boy: Wow. That girl just epically failed!
by Dr. Douchebag Jr. November 07, 2010
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This means Whore or Prostitute in spanish and all those other amigos languages its what u would normaly call someone named Karen
Me: Ehhh Puta How u doin gringo
Karen: no pablo espaniol
by NiggaStoleMyBeans March 16, 2019
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A beverage containing the mixture of Panda cum and Tobasco sauce, with a zest of soggy squid nipples. The consistency of this drink is usually debated between muddy concrete or aged duck butter.
Check out GNC's new PUTUM shake for only $69.00!!!
by The Thespian Man May 07, 2013
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"Esa puta tiene mi dinero"

"Tu madre es una puta fea"
by Jimmy January 05, 2005
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