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robbie is a little bitch that is broke and has no friends. he is bald on the sides of his head and. has a bunch of hair on the top. he usually looks like a pineapple with his hair. he buys Ella Nilsson food which is very nice of him even tho he is a broke hoe face. robbie is a cow face that plays fortnite on the daily because he believes he is the next ninja on twitch. he has a scent of shit, eggs, butter and a tiny tiny amount of dog piss. no one at his school likes him because he cant play sport to save his life and he isnt able to have showers properly because he is like a little dyslexic child. akways remember all the robbie krauss's you meet in your life stay away cause they smell.
" omg is that robbie krauss?"
"omg block your noise and stay away he might have corona"
by robbie krauss March 25, 2020
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