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The act of forcing someone elses shit into your own rectum with the intent to re-shit it out. Usually done at Smuggle Parties.
Dan and Mike picked up some Road Scroat on their way to the Bayou. What the unsuspecting Scroat didn't know was he was about to enter the sick world of a good ol' fashion Smuggle Party. Once everyone was Smuggling pooo, they all gathered on the floor for a warm Smuggle Snuggle. Within moments the Scoat was covered with shit and he was reborn as Smuggly Dumpkins and was a road scroat no more.
by You know Bobby G October 14, 2008
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The lady and I curled up with some weed, pizza, and Netflix for a night of smooching and smuggling.
by xxxceteraxxx January 19, 2015
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