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The act of scratching your lady garden and flaps!
Hey Claire. I’m a little bit itchy. Turn away - I’m going to do a bit of twatching!
by #Bringbackthefinger! February 14, 2020
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Twatching — the act of experiencing an ongoing television show or event via live twitter monitoring, while avoiding the actual show or event.

People often engage in twatching when viewing a televised event — an award show, a debate, a congressional hearing, a sporting event or breaking news, for example — is too boring, irritating, upsetting or excruciating to watch live, so they choose, instead, to experience it in real time by following the hashtags and live tweeting of others.

Some people swear that twatching is often a better experience than watching.
“No, I’m not going to watch the Academy Awards, because when they’re not boring me with their cheesy numbers, they’re pissing me off with their criminally idiotic Oscar choices. But I’ll be twatching every minute, from the red carpet on.”
by jacandy December 19, 2019
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Using a mirror to observe your own vagina
I was horrified to walk in on Grandma twatching. The doctor suggested twatching to the patient with complaints of retained tampon.
by twatchdog April 18, 2018
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A person that is constantly watching, well staring at girls front bums.

Probably to see if they are smuggling yoyo’s.
“Oi dude will you pack the kunt in because your making that bird feel really uncomfortable twatching her twat!!!”
by Iwannariot February 19, 2020
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