1. What Do You Mean? Jargon used for simplifying text-based interactions between two or more people, used in a way similar to the more popular "lol" "rofl" and "wtf."

2. World Defining Yore-based Machine. A fictional device created by lesser-known author Francine Gaffigan (of Iowa), as a reference and alleged homage to Rube Goldberg, the man behind the concept known as the "Rube Goldberg Device."

The WDYM, in short, was a shopping-mall sized machine which would somehow gather the latent energy in every dream by every man, woman, and child within a 5 mile radius, which would then be used as a cleaner, safer version of more conventional power plants. This energy would then be used to power an exceptionally large virtual game world which would be based partially on the ideas encoded within the captured dream energy.
by Xeno-Won November 10, 2010
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What do you mean (WDYM).
This is used to adress waste yute's who make absolutely no sense.
1.your so ugly fam
2.WDYM!! im a sweeter man
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by YaBishDry November 03, 2015
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What Do You Mean?
A question.
Normally used in texting when you don't understand another person.
by Anonymous Anon Girl November 06, 2015
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What do you mean” asking one one something if you don’t get it. Usually used on the internet.
The door is here.”
by Hey there big boy December 05, 2018
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