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an autistic person who does autistic shit and cooks instant noodles on youtube and gives everyone cancer
me: oh look at that kid hes eating the dirt on the ground
some guy beside me: oh he must be an aikhong
by hahanou February 05, 2020
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very smexy and fat kiddo that is shaped like a big fat round walking egg and rolls around annoying everyone he knocks down
oh no Aik Hong is here! Don’t get squashed by him!
by ChildPredator123 February 07, 2020
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an autistic, extra, egoistic, retarded kid that hides his mother's ashes in his bag. Is loud and annoying and acts smart but is actually dumb af. Always asks extra and stupid questions in class. Always has hallucinations that he has friends. Only reason some people like him is because he gives them mobile legends skins with the money that he probably stole from his father.
teacher: "hand up your homework on friday"
literally 5 seconds later,
aik hong: *raises up hand*
aik hong: "teacher,when do we submit our homework?"
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by RCKOS March 25, 2020
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