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aka, the tool town, once a vibrant western mass industrial town located on the millers river turned drug-dealing hick infested rathole. also known as the teen pregnancy capital of massachusetts with its fair share of chlamydia cases. aside from all this, the few of us who are not tending to our children (and some of those who are) have been known to get down with our bad selves
about 5/4 of athol high school's population
by jess555 October 10, 2005
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This is the minimum distance between two people when social distancing is in place. This has all come about due to the Corona virus. Their was some confusion between metric and imperial, so a metric Athol is 150cm and an Imperial Athol is 156 cm which is 61.4". The name for this was taken from a angry little Australian man, who was used a measuring device to settle disputes between people who were not following social distancing regulations.
That's not an Athol, now that's an Athol!
by Suckedin! March 25, 2020
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A town in north Idaho. Also where Athols live. A mispronunciation made by hairlips and drunks.
Have you seen that Athol in Idaho?
If you live in north Idaho you might be an Athol.
by millwoody4x4 August 26, 2005
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