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Member of the superhero team the Avengers.
He is a wizard with a bow and arrow often not needing to look at his target and still being able to hit his mark
by Lupin80 November 24, 2013
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One of the original Avengers, but still useless when compared to the others. He's great with a bow and arrow, but should've been the one to sacrifice himself on Vormir instead of Natasha. Clint has a cute family, but he went to murder many people around the world for 5 years because of grief over losing them in Thanos' snap. His best friend Natasha later died for him and his family even though he abandoned her during the Blip. Otherwise known as Hawkeye.
Wow, I'm so thankful to Clint Barton for saving and recruiting Natasha to S.H.I.E.L.D instead of taking her out when he was supposed to.
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by natashawaffles March 25, 2020
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