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(MUST .BE .THE .DICK)When a man is Heavenly blessed and extremely lucky to have an absolute woman pleaser in his jeans. Doesn't always have to be huge dick but for some just know how to use it And is guaranteed to give his girl a big "O" every single time. But in this case for this first definition this man was blessed with both. Huge as fuck and damn sure KNEW how to use it.
Did you hear that Homegirl is still stalking her ex after 8 months? m.b.t.d

She gave him a car a house. Her complete undivided attention and love she fell head over heels for this fool. And he Uglier than a motherfuker! m.b.t.d

Did you hear homegirl got 18 years in prison for trying to get a Hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend. #m.b.t.d

She spent thousands of dollars. Crazy amount of man hours about two dozen different people all in a Revenge plot 2 fuck with her ex-boyfriend head #m.b.t.d
by BiggDiesel1 March 25, 2020
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