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a stupid person. their intelligence is the same as other objects such as chairs, lamposts etc.

similar to tool or weapon in some areas.
you are such a fuckin object mate, sort ya life out.
by dingalingking December 28, 2010
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Definition of Object: That which holds shape.

That which holds shape is thus seen or felt, otherwise we would not know "it" had shape, and in turn, to hold shape and be experienced or detected, a minimum volume and density of mass are needed. Shape can be naturally formed, or shape can be given to form an object, which is then usually named.
"Nature does not require an object, yet to perform physics, we do".
by Mr. Lay mandeep. October 02, 2016
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Things, both animate and inanimate, visible and invisible
1)Objects may be closer than they appear.
2)They are regarded as objects, not women.
3)How do you know that there are objects inside of atoms?
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when you call a girl that is basically passed around by everyone.
by wallpaperposter October 17, 2019
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