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Morty... Flip over the pickle, Morty...
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When someone poops in an empty pickle jar (with pickle juice still inside) and leaves it on someone’s doorstep
by Kingsackalicious December 03, 2017
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Someone who is cancerous to everyone around them and wishes to die; See wubba lubba dub dub.
1. IM PICKLE RICK!!! Your a baka
Pickle rick is so mlg he might just go to walmart and steal some fidget spinners. See Fidget spinners
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by PiCKelesRicks October 03, 2017
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While sexually engaging a girl you pull out and shove a pickle in her while screaming I'm pickle rick
I pickle rick my bitch on occasion
by Madeepseep August 30, 2017
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(Pįćl-ŕīķ) Pickle Rick:
n - A fictional character from the popular adult cartoon Rick and Morty


Pickle Rick appears in season 3, episode 3, and is in the 24 overall episode. The protagonist, Rick, turns himself into a pickle, so as to escape a family therapy session with his daughter, Beth, his granddaughter, Summer, and his grandson, the other protagonist, Morty.

But, Rick's plan backfires, and he ends up falling down the sewer. Using his advances intellect, while unable to move, lures a cockroach, and kills it. He then proceeds to create a body suit made of rat parts, by probing the brain to control it. He escapes the sewer, and ends up in a foreign top secret base, and kills everyone. He ends up back with his family by the end, them having changed from the therapy session.

This episode is one of the more gory ones and may not be suitable for all viewers.

Rick creates many catchphrases ober the course of 3 seasons, and the, "wonderful" community adopts them, and start saying it all. The. Time. It is ok to say it when the situation is appropriate, but fans have began to say it out of context, randomly.

"Pickle Rick" has become a popular phrase, and even a meme
Me: Shut the fuck up ! *proceeds to jam thumbs in friend's eyes*
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by The Meme Regime April 19, 2018
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A term that refers to a quote from season 3 of the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty in which Rick (a main character) turns himself into a pickle. You may find that those who use this quote usually repeat it nonsensically multiple times without realizing how cancer it is. These types of people should usually be avoided at all costs.
"I'm PiCkLe RiCkKk!!!"
by RiceIsGoodMan November 02, 2017
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